Budget Advocacy Toolkit
for Epidemic Preparedness

About This Toolkit

The Budget Advocacy Toolkit for Epidemic Preparedness is a training resource based on the Budget Advocacy Framework for Increased and Sustained Epidemic Preparedness Investment, developed by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) Prevent Epidemics program with support from Resolve to Save Lives. The Budget Advocacy Framework was designed to support advocacy for increased and sustained domestic investments in epidemic preparedness.

This Budget Advocacy Toolkit shows how to implement each step of the Framework and provides instructive questions, worksheets and country examples to guide the planning and implementation of an advocacy campaign for epidemic preparedness financing.

Budget Advocacy Cycle

Using this four-step Framework as a guide, countries can work toward building political support and accountability for investments in epidemic preparedness. Please note that the activities outlined in each step are not always linear and sometimes occur simultaneously, depending on the local environment and needs. Get started below.

Campaign Planning

Conduct a political and legal landscape analysis and impact assessment to build the case for increased investments in epidemic preparedness, and plan the political strategy.


Campaign Implementation

Build civil society and academic sector coalitions, engage policymakers and generate media coverage and support for increased funding.


Budget Accountability

Track budget allocations and spending of increased resources, identify bottlenecks to spending, assess and build capacity to increase accountability and promote transparent disbursement and effective spending.


Budget Sustainability

Conduct program impact evaluation, assess budget needs for the next budget cycle, promote different sources of funding and build demand to sustain and increase the investment to improve health indicators in the medium and long-term.